There’s something so empowering about finding where your buyers are hanging out online and gaining clarity in your business.

  • You stop wasting time guessing what people want, leaving you more time to create and sell what your audience craves
  • You save yourself the heartache and mental bandwidth wondering why things didn’t go as planned, and instead are able to lean into excitement about new possibilities 
  • You’re able to go forward boldly instead of puttering around hoping to that each new endeavor will solidify a win

And when you have that kind of insight, it makes you feel a little something like this. ⬇️

Although each of those ideas above sounds delightful (and they are), but to get there, they require a deep understanding of your buyer. I’m not talking about the traditional customer avatar exercise that many entrepreneurs do and then never revisit. I’m talking about a solid, repeatable understanding of your customer’s journey within your business. 

But … I hear ya!

Entrepreneurs (like yourself) don’t have time for:

  • Tools or exercises that do nothing to move the needle
  • Systems that don’t align with the current state of the world (lookin’ at you COVID)
  • Lengthy webinars that, although valuable, require an hour’s worth of attention to absorb and even longer to implement

Enter: A Quick 4-Step Process for Finding Your Buyers Online

To understand your buyer and uncover new opportunities, you must have set your business up to gather data and analytics for you. Here are 4 things you can do TODAY to find where your buyers are hanging out online.

1) Survey your customers.

There’s no shame in asking your customers a few questions to get to know them better. Questions such as the following can help you hone in on their journey.

  • What social media platforms do you use regularly?
  • What are your favorite websites to visit when looking for more information about XYZ (the problem you solve)?
  • What are your favorite podcasts?
  • Who are some of your favorite people to follow online?
  • Which email lists are you on and look forward to most?

2) Research online behavior using studies that are platform-specific.

A few of the top sites to gather data from on current social media usage include:

While searching, make sure to pay close attention to the dates on the studies you find. Modern consumer behavior is constantly in flux, which makes data go stale very quickly. Look back no further than 2018 for the most relevant and accurate insights. 

3) Watch their behaviors online

Adding links on your external sources, such as in the footer of your email or website, can help you see what people do next in their journey. That can also help you understand which platforms are most valuable to them. 

  • Add outbound social links to your content and encourage your audience to share
  • Then, monitor where people are sharing your work and the response it’s getting. 

4) Let Google do the digging

You can also use Google’s built-in features to do the work for you. 

  • Download a CSV of your current email subscribers.
  • Create a faux Gmail account and upload that list as contacts to your newly minted account. (Don’t worry; you’re not doing anything sleazy here!)
  • Then, create new accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other platform where you think your audience is hanging out using that new email address.
  • Click “Find My Friends” and you’ll instantly where your email subscribers are signed up and hanging out.

The Next Step to Understanding Your Buyer Behavior Better

Finding these data points is a great start, but often insights like these end up lying dormant. They gather dust rather than help you move the needle unless you organize what you’ve found and use it to find new opportunities for your business.

That organization process is exactly what I teach in The Focus-Driven Journey. Get in the door, swipe my pre-built spreadsheet, and start dropping what you’ve found here into it, so you can uncover revenue builders for your business.

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