If you’re looking for content marketing ideas, look no further than…grit. Stick with me here because even though those two concepts seem unrelated, there’s a direct correlation that can multiply your online marketing efforts without costing you extraordinary amounts of time.

Before we get into the specific ideas, let’s talk about grit and how it relates. Grit, as defined by the South African College of Applied Psychology, takes shape in 5 ways — courage, conscientiousness, perseverance, resilience, and passion. When it comes to creating content on a consistent basis, you need every single one of these to bring your ideas to the world.

Courage. It takes some healthy cojones to create something, spill your brains, and then invite the world to judge your thoughts PLUS how you present them. Writing, recording, and designing requires a courageous posture, welcoming the outside world to point out our flaws faster than offer applause.

Conscientiousness. You’re not going to get very far if you’re not diligently aware of what the heck your audience wants from you. More importantly, if you try to scam the system and do the wrong thing in an effort to make a buck, you’ll lose every time. Content marketing has to come from a place of genuine interest in helping a specific audience.

Perseverance. Did you put something out there and felt like it landed on deaf ears? Or did you hit publish on an email with a broken link, only to have half your list immediately respond (which never happens unless something’s wrong) telling you how ridiculous you were for making a very human error? You’re gonna have to get back on that horse, hit publish one more time, and keep sending emails. It requires perseverance, even in the moments that showing up again feels extra scary.

Resilience. Self-awareness around what you know to be right and true, as well as mindfulness around how you speak to your community are critical traits of solid content marketing. Surrender yourself to the idea that things will go in waves, life will ebb and flow, and you’ll become more resilient when things don’t go according to plan.

Passion. Oh, the illustrious word passion. It might be a little trite these days, but unless you L-O-V-E talking about what you do, your audience won’t love listening to your voice each time you show up. That boredom will permeate your content, lacing your content with the idea that yours is what to read when you’re having trouble sleeping — not what’s needed to get set on fire.

This cocktail is critical when it comes to expanding your business, and more importantly, you personally and professionally. I’m not alone in that thinking either. Take a listen to this famous TED talk from Angela Lee Duckworth.

Angela, a consultant turned teacher turned psychologist, studied people in a variety of roles from West Pointe Cadets to spelling bee students, to try to predict who would be the most successful regardless of context. The characteristic that emerged? Grit.

Showing Up Consistently Requires Grit

Ask anyone who’s dabbled in content marketing and you’ll likely hear that the hardest part is showing up on a regular basis. Life takes hold and suddenly you notice that content creation gets pushed to the side. Content marketing statistics show that a whopping 60% of businesses say they can’t produce content consistently and 65% say it’s a challenge to produce engaging content. Those statistics go hand-in-hand.

If you’re not showing up consistently, it’s likely because you’re struggling to create engaging content. How do you make your stuff more enticing? You have to have the right content marketing ideas to fuel your creation efforts and make you want to show up repeatedly.

Want help? Here are a few places to get inspired to create.

1. Join Facebook Groups

When it comes to creating work that people want to consume, you’ve gotta be where the people are — your people, that is.

It’s no secret that your people are already talking up a storm on social media. Eves-dropping on those conversations has never been easier now that Facebook groups have opened up a communication channel where people can spill their hearts, minds, and ideas more freely. Rather than shying away from posting on social media about a specific topic to the masses, people now have a gateway to open up among an empathetic audience about specific problems they’re experiencing. That kind of dialogue is gold if you’re wondering how to help someone who needs what you offer.

This concept is especially true if you run a “boring” business. If you’re in an industry that’s not filled with glitz and glamour, it can be even more difficult to find ideas of what to say. But, hanging around your people in groups that leverage your product or service can help shed light on more beyond your specific offerings, which can fuel your efforts and broaden your reach.

By the way: There’s a free Focus-Driven Biz Facebook group and we’d love to have you if you’re all about business growth. Join the conversation now.

2. Host a Private Brainstorming Session

Grab yourself a glass of wine, a notebook, and a pen. Then, cozy up in a chair while your kids play and start writing. Jot down any idea that pops in your mind about where and how you can help. Get specific with ideas surrounding your business’s mission — not just the products you sell.


As you dive in deep to your subject, you’ll likely surprise yourself with how much you have to talk about. Trying to come up with an idea week after week just doesn’t have the same effect. Instead, coming up with a list of ideas can help you get even more specific about what the heck you want to say to your audience, which can help fuel your thoughts come time for content creation.

3. Leverage Prompts

You’ve probably heard of journal prompts, right? They’re questions to get you writing and reframing your mindset. These prompts are powerful for private reflection, and equally powerful for content creation.

Sell alert: I have a product called Content Confetti where I offer 52-weeks of these prompts AND prompts across all social networks. Get it here for $19.

Leveraging prompts can take away the fear of creating content, offer a way to show up regularly, and provide you with faster wins, much like is depicted in this on-point GIF.


You don’t have to use the ones I’ve created. There are plenty of resources out there to offer prompts to get your thinking started. The goal here is to take an idea and run with it. The better you can dive into something and give it your unique take, the better chance you have to make an impact, no matter how crowded your market might be.

Ready to Show Up With Grit in Your Content Marketing?

Yeah, it might feel unsettling. You might even feel like you’re adding to noise rather than helping. But as long as you create from a place of genuine desire to help, you’ll be better suited to capture attention and thus, sales. Apply the 5-prong recipe for grit — courage, conscientiousness, perseverance, resilience, and passion — and you’ll have a leg up on the 60% of other businesses who aren’t sure how to show up consistently.

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