Want in on some exciting news? I’m starting on a new business adventure.

That venture doesn’t mean The Focus-Driven Biz is going away anytime soon. What it does mean is that my focus will be even more narroed in on business growth, and you’ll get to reap the benefits. I’ll be sharing a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going well, what’s working, and what’s been a setback.

This week, specifically, I wanted to share a hugely powerful moment I had with my why.

I’ve long been an advocate for finding your true why. I teach about it in the first module of The Focus-Driven Biz because it’s such a core element to any business. Without your why, you’ll lose focus and could derail your efforts by turning a few degrees off course. Yikes!

But here’s the thing about this term, “finding your why.” It’s fluffy. Too often, it doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot. We water it down with an answer like, “I want to make money” or “I want financial freedom” just to tick a box we know we’re supposed to tick, and then move on. I invite you to avoid that temptation and sit with this for a bit.


The reason this exercise is so powerful and shouldn’t be ignored can only be felt when you start to put that why into motion and see its purpose in every single thread of your business tapestry. To give you context and an example in action, let me illustrate my why, how I was hit over the head with it, and how I’m using it for my latest endeavor, Cruisin’ + Campfires.

The concept for this new business formed as my family was driving back from a camping trip through the Navajo reservation. There were no buildings, no people except those on the road with us, and no service. Instead, there was gorgeous scenery to ground my thinking. After being outside with my kids and driving for hours on a road trip that actually felt enjoyable, something hit me. Why don’t more families get outside like this?

I looked at my husband, who was driving, and said, “I should start a business where I create activities for families to encourage them to get outside and camp by making it easier.” He immediately agreed (which isn’t always the case with him), and I knew something was there.

When we got home, I tested the idea out on a few close friends and it stuck. The more I shared my vision with others, the stickier the concept felt. Everyone, even non-camping lovers, could see value in this concept.

I quickly wrapped myself up in getting the idea off the ground when I felt the overwhelm set in. There was SO MUCH TO DO! (Ever feel that way?)

As I sat in church one Sunday, ideas for the business whirling around in my mind, the Pastor talked about the importance of how we share ideas with the world. Then, this slide popped up:​


It’s hard to read, so here’s the part that stuck out to me: If you love seeing God’s goodness in relaxed times of recreation, then extend that goodness to others by helping them have relaxed, healthy times of recreation.

Boy did that hit hard! And it put all that overwhelm back into focus.

The reason why I’m so passionate and enthusiastic about venturing into this new role is to help other families have the same relaxation I felt that day by embracing the healthy elements of the great outdoors via camping.

Soon, the ideas I’d been bouncing back and forth started to crystalize. Ideas I’d been toying with that weren’t aligned with my why were pushed to the side. The ones that directly put my why in focus were prioritized. It was just that easy.

If you ever feel yourself getting burnt out on an idea or overwhelmed with the pursuit, consider this: Is it aligned with your why? Is every element you’re aiming to pursue aligned with that singular, focused vision? If not, readjust and continue moving forward.

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