What a time to be alive, am I right? News is changing by the hour and it feels like we’re all on pins and needles wondering what to do next.

If you’re worried about the financial health of your business, you’re hardly alone. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s socially acceptable to market your business or sell your offers right now, that’s fair. I’ve had my own fears, and based on the conversations I’m hearing, I’m not alone.

But here’s what I know to be true:

Basic economics states that we need money to continue flowing. The more people who are making money, the more people who have money to buy and give. If you stop marketing and selling, you’re stopping yourself from being able to help others. If you keep making money, you’re free to give to nonprofits, who are undoubtedly taking a hard hit. You’re free to buy groceries for neighbors who might not be able to afford them. You’ll have the income to be able to support the people who have been hardest hit.

So, with that attitude and spirit, here’s how I’m personally approaching life going forward.

Give Generously

First, I’m going to keep showing up with a value-first mentality. In that vein, I just launched a free series for working parents to offer my personal strategies for working at home with young kids at your feet. IT IS SO GOOD, you guys. If this matches your current situation and you haven’t already opted in, sign up here.

Focus on Solving a Problem

Second, I’m not going to take my foot off the accelerator any more. That’s because the products I’m offering are ones I know are valuable to businesses like yours. The same is true for what you have to offer. There are very real problems that people have and you can help with at least some of those. Lean into what you’re able to offer, and don’t shy away about asking for some money in exchange when it makes sense. It’s not sleazy. It’s an essential act that will keep this economy going.

So, in the spirit of continuing to sell valuable stuff, I’m offering you Content Confetti for $19. Not sure how to talk to your people in this crazy time? These 52-weeks of content prompts to sprinkle around various platforms like confetti, freeing you up of valuable time and mental bandwidth. I’m equally excited about this product too!

Offer Flexibility

Money is tight for a lot of people right now. The more flexibility you can bake into your pricing, the better. I did this on another product I recently launched — Time-Saving Templates.

Some planning and organization can ease anxiety and stress, which is why I’ve decided to change how people get the planning and organization offered in this product through a pay what you can model. There are three pricing tiers — $5, $10, or $20. Any amount will get you in the door. I’ll report back on how that works. For now, feel free to get these templates for the price you choose.

Stay Healthy

You’re already dousing yourself in sanitizer and Lysol spray. Make sure you keep your business financially healthy during these times too.

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