Here’s the fascinating reality we live in today: Robots are running our lives. What do I mean?

  • It’s hard for me to go to a family gathering without someone, at one point, saying, “I need to Google that to find the answer!”
  • And this baby on the way? I’m not nearly as worried about shopping for it because I have Amazon Prime and know that if I need more clothes, diapers, burp cloths, or pacifiers, it’s a click away (instead of a hectic shopping trip away).
  • I don’t even walk into the grocery store. I order my food online and go pick it up at a time of my choosing.

With the constant infusion of the digital world into our day-to-day lives, it’s understandable that businesses publish content for SEO in an effort to beg, clamber, and claw their way up the rankings so they (YOU) can get in front of people searching.

That’s why we do SEO.

That’s why we consume certain types of content (like, ahem, this).

That’s also why we’re constantly frustrated with the way the strategy behind digital marketing – because it’s constantly changing and keeping up is dang near impossible.

I promised to give you some insight into the big transition of my Tucson marketing agency from The Savvy Copywriter to Savvy Copywriters (plural, because HELLO TEAM over here) and here’s another component of that: Starting over with SEO for a brand new domain.

How will we approach it?

Will we write for humans? Start rebuilding our ranking on certain keywords?

Yes, those are all good questions, but before I can decide on a marketing strategy, there’s one thing that’s pulling at my heartstrings. And it has for awhile. It’s the push pull of SEO vs. the human connection.

Because why are we working this hard? To rank or to make sales?

Why are we spending HOURS of our time each week on writing? To rank or to make sales?

Has SEO changed to the point that we need to do keyword research at all? Or can we still rank by simply sharing our brains online?

What’s the balance?

What’s the right approach?

I was excited to be back on the Spin Sucks blog this week answering those questions, getting raw and real about the transition we’re going through right now, and, well, talking it out person to person.

Check it out, will ya? And leave a comment while you’re there!

I don’t usually share my guest blog posts with you via email (maybe I should?) but this community is filled with some incredible thought leaders (check out Howie Goldfarb’s comment on the blog as an example), so I know you’ll get a lot out of this.

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