Here’s something you’re not going to want to hear: The way you’re marketing your local business bores people.

Throw tomatoes all you want, but hear me out.

When’s the last time you got excited about calling a plumber? When’s the last time you thought it’d be fun to have an electrician over just for kicks and giggles? When’s the last time you knew you needed a new printer for your office and thought, “Yes! I get to have a conversation about hardware with our IT guy!”?

Most businesses are boring. What isn’t boring is the result you deliver.

The plumber? If they’re installing a new farmhouse style sink for you, then you’ll be excited about how your kitchen will look when they leave.

The electrician? If they’re installing outlets in your outdoor kitchen, then you’ll be excited about being able to plug in your looftlighter without having to deal with an extension cord when they’re done.

The IT guy? You just want things to work. You don’t care how they work, you just want things to run smoothly.

Notice a trend here? WHAT a person does isn’t what’s exciting. The RESULT is what gets people’s blood moving. The idea of how their life could be better after a visit from you is what makes people want to pick up the phone and call.

Make sense? Now look at your website.

Are you talking about WHAT you do? Or are you talking about the end result people will achieve when they work with you?

How will you make your customer’s life better when you’re gone? THAT’S what they want to know. Drop the jargon, technical speak, and industry vernacular. Get away from talking about the details. You’ll bore people with that stuff.

Tell a better story – the story of how you’ll improve the lives of everyone you touch.

Because no matter how much you love to talk about the nuts and bolts of what you provide when you’re marketing your local business, no one wants to hear it. What they want?

They want their lives to be transformed by you for the better.

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