There seems to be a common theme in the business world these days: thinking way too much about what we say and doing way too little to get our message out there. The result? Mediocre marketing messaging.

There’s another term for this – over analysis.

I’m guilty of this – especially being a mom.

For example, while sitting on the floor of my closet packing my hospital bag a few weeks ago I could not for the life of me figure out what to put in it. My Pinterest app was open and I looked at probably a hundred different pins with a laundry list of items on them. Some things seemed obvious, like a pair of shoes to wear in the shower, shampoo, and conditioner. Others were like little crown jewels of items I hadn’t thought about with my first delivery, such as a diffuser so I don’t have to inhale that awful hospital smell for three days straight.

Some things seemed obvious, like a pair of shoes to wear in the shower, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant.

Others were like little crown jewels of items I hadn’t thought about with my first delivery, such as a diffuser so I don’t have to inhale that awful hospital smell for three days straight.

But then there were the in-between items. How many pairs of yoga pants did I really need? How many pairs of clothes did I want my newborn son to have available? Should I bring extra blankets for warmth even though it was going to be in the low 90s outside (because, Arizona)?

For the love of snuggles and swaddles, I’d done this before!

And yet I found myself torn for hours (HOURS) about what I needed to pack in a bag that could easily be refilled by my husband when he made his daily trips back to the house.

What do you tend to overanalyze?

It’s a common thing to do – especially in marketing.

If you’ve ever thought long and hard about the message you’re sending with your social media posts, emails, and website copy, you’re not alone. And in many ways, you’re very smart. After all, if you don’t look at what you’re saying through the lens of your buyer, you could be sending the wrong signal.

Case in point: The recent Dove fiasco that made their brand look incredibly racist instead of revolutionary and in touch with reality. In that case, they really should have given the ad a little more thought before sending it to the masses.

But, there’s such a thing as balance.

Yes, giving thought to your marketing message is wise. Yes, you should put in your due diligence to get to know the audience and how they could interpret what you’re saying.

But the flipside to this is an overanalysis of everything you say in your marketing.

This can be just as problematic.

Just like I did with my hospital bag, thinking way too hard about your marketing leads you down the rabbit hole of playing the comparison game – a deadly game in any marketing strategy. You start to doubt what you’re saying. You start to wonder if you’re stretching yourself too far for your industry, so you scale back. You start to use cringeworthy, meaningless terms like “world class” and “top notch.”

In other words, you start to become fluffy and easy to ignore.

And in more other words, you become boring.

Are you the problem?

The biggest culprits of this, I’ve found, are traditional businesses. They’re the ones who have had a moderate amount of success in the past and feel confident they know the “game.” So they continue to use the same moves to play it. They don’t push the limits. They don’t try something new. They don’t do anything extraordinary. They don’t innovate.

Sound like someone you know (perhaps yourself, if you’re honest)?

These types of business owners wonder why the results aren’t coming in. They get frustrated because what was familiar is failing. Those direct mailers loaded up with coupons aren’t getting the same traction they once did. Their email marketing conversions have plummeted despite using the same messaging that worked in the past.

They’re doing everything “right” according to what history has shown them, but they’re not growing. Yet when someone (like a copywriter) suggests a change from the ordinary or a push in a new direction, they swing like a pendulum over to the other side of caution and in walks overanalysis. They overthink any kind of new marketing message. They get scared. So, they stop.

Mediocre marketing messaging is the worst thing you can do for your business.

Businesses hire copywriters like ours to push the limits. But there is only so much pushing we can do. The overanalysis needs to stop with you.

Sometimes, it’s better to leap.

Many times, it’s better to take a chance and try something new.

Sometimes, it’s smarter to pack the diffuser and three sets of yoga pants knowing you’ll be glad you had them available instead of overanalyzing every inch of your hospital bag (ahem… listen up, me!).

And yet, routine feels good. It feels right. So, we stick with it.

Are you stuck in a marketing messaging rut? Or are you feeling a little too comfortable with your old messaging? It might be time to shake things up.

Leap off the ledge and try something new (but thoughtful).

Jump into a new medium and explore a new way of messaging to that audience instead.

I’m willing to bet that you’ll be amazed at the results you see by breaking away from the old and into something new.

Will you try it? Or will you hold yourself (and your business) back by giving yourself eleventy million reasons not to?

Be brave, my brothers and sisters. We’re in a new and exciting world of communication and now is the time to dive in deep, explore the excitement, and make money with modern messaging.

Want some help? Get an outsiders perspective on how you’re doing and where you could go. We’re your creative geniuses to get you there. Reach out anytime and let’s start the conversation about what you can do to shake things up in your business.

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