Does this sound familiar? You hire a team to help you build your website. Together, you work day and night to write content, build the design, and create a website that’s worthy of your brand.

Then, the day arrives.

You surround yourself with your team and hit the glorious “Go Live” button.

*NOTE: There isn’t actually a button that says “Go Live” but bear with me while I paint the picture.

The website you’ve worked so tirelessly to build is online! You’re proud, elated, and thrilled to share what you’ve been working on behind the scenes with the world! So you sit back, wait, and watch your Google analytics. The only problem is… nothing happens. You hired these people to help you drive traffic to your pages. What the heck is happening?

Too often, business owners who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of online marketing stop at launch day. They know that they invested a good chunk of change in creating a strong website, so they’re certain that it will instantly drive business through their doors.

There’s just one problem with that: The “build it and they will come” mindset is the easiest way to fail epically in online marketing.

Build it and they will come is not a web marketing strategy.

Launching a new website is the first giant leap in building a stronger presence online. A new website can:

  • Help you get in the good graces of Google again, if your last website was filled with negative SEO;
  • Rebrand your business as a company that’s fresh, new, and modern;
  • Replenish your keyword density to start inching you up the search engine rankings.

All of that sounds good, but it’s important to remember that the work doesn’t stop there.

Biology of a Sustainable Web Presence

Google wants to see more from you. The home page, service pages, and about page that you just launched with are the skeleton of your website. To thrive online, Google needs to see some meat on those bones.

The bad news is that posting a few pages online isn’t enough to skyrocket you to the top of search results. The good news is, getting to the top doesn’t have to be as hard as it might seem.

To float to the top of search results and get in front of the people looking for what you have to offer, you need to create more content.

It sounds stupid easy, and it is, but it requires time, energy, and a smart strategy.

Here are some of the fundamental tips for building a stronger, smarter content strategy for your new website:

The more content you add, the easier it is to find your business.

This seems obvious, yet many business owners stick to minimal content creation. If you want to jump to the top of search results faster, you have to give Google a reason to rank you higher. Content is the way to do that.

Focus on long-tail keywords when posting.

Long tail keywords are those terms that are over five words.

Searchers these days are smart. They’re not plugging in broad terms, such as “ice cream” to find the closest ice cream shop. They’re looking up longer terms. They’re using location based keywords to find places close by. They’re plugging in longer keywords to narrow in on the specific businesses they want to connect with.

Don’t believe me? Take a look back through the last few searches you did online. I’m willing to wager a bet that you didn’t type in a one word search query.

Ask questions and then answer them.

I’m not a Siri user, but my husband is. She’s “the other woman” in our relationship. That’s because he asks her questions about anything he’s having a problem with. When he does, she runs over to Google and types in that search term into the search box.

Your customers do the same. They are asking questions and looking for answers. When you offer that on your website, Google is more likely to put you front and center as THE resource to answer those questions.

Your Turn

This isn’t rocket science. It’s about getting to know your audience and how they look for your business online. It’s also about learning how Google works. With more content that’s rich in value and light on broad, single term keywords, you’ll have a greater chance of soaring to the top of search engine results and building a sustainable web presence.

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