Every month, a small box lands on our doorstep. It’s like Christmas because underneath the brown cardboard and white postage labels lies bliss. Pure coffee bean bliss.

We get this box every month because we’re members of the Black Rifle Coffee coffee club. And every month we take a deep breath as we cut open the box and pull out bags of the good stuff.

If you’re not a coffee lover like we are, you might not have heard about Black Rifle Coffee yet. This company doesn’t just sell amazing grounds of coffee and the promise of delicious bean juice every morning. It sells ‘MERICA.

And they break every traditional marketing rule out there (which is a big reason why I love ‘em).

They talk politics. They make it no secret that they’re conservatives.

They talk war. On their about page, founder and owner Evan Hafer says, “Between deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I worked to refine both my coffee roasting skills and my firearms skills.” That’s probably why he’s named a few of his blends after warzone positions, such as the Gunship Coffee Blend and Snipers Hide Coffee Blend.

Everything they name – including their business – revolves around guns. In fact, many of their products are named after a gun (like the AK-47 Espresso) or a gun accessory (like the Silencer Smooth Coffee Blend).

And they cuss. A lot. Without apology. In fact, one of our favorite flavors is CAF (Caffeinated As F*ck – bleeped only by me for sensitive readers).

Niche? Please!

This company has taken two of their passions – the veteran community and coffee – and merged them into one incredible company that has experienced explosive growth.

Is their story for everyone? Not even close.

Is it for the people they support? You betcha.

There’s something to be said about a business that takes a stand based on what they and their community want.

Have you done the same in your business? If not, it might be because you’re just in business for the sale; not the story rooted deep inside your customer’s hearts.

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