Get the online business building course that walks you through how to give your audience exactly what they want at exactly the right time (and get paid more for doing it)

Kimberly Crossland

Ever notice how some people make online business building look so easy? You've tried their tactics, followed their strategies, and yet ... you're still unsure of what to do next or why your bank account isn't reflecting the same six-figures they've made.

It's time to put an end to that lost and listless feeling by shifting your focus back to your business.

In The Focus-Driven Biz signature course, you'll get ACTION steps (read: no fluff) to know how to show up in the right place, at the right time, and with the right words.

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Throughout this online business building course, you'll learn:

Module 1: Purpose + Problem: The true reason you AND your customers show up daily, as well as the actual problem you're solving (it's probably different than you think).

Module 2: Customers + Collaborators: A deeper, and far more powerful way, to understand and market to the people you need in your corner to fulfill your purpose (your customers) and bring your work to the world (your collaborators).

Module 3: Products + Paychecks: The formula for discovering what to create to serve the people you want to reach, and how to make a bigger paycheck by doing so more strategically.

Module 4: Systems + Simple Funnels: Simpler approaches for building a business that meets people where they want to be met, without eating away at your quality of life.

Module 5: Implementation: How to finally banish the excuse for not getting started because the technology and options are too overwhelming by simplifying the implementation phase, bringing you to the world faster.

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This Course is a No-Brainer if You:

  • Are making a pivot in your business after past strategies and models have stopped working.
  • Are eager to accelerate your growth by catapulting your business into a new stage, new revenue stream, or in front of a new audience.
  • Are brand new and want more clarity on how to tame the crazy number of ideas in your head, so you can stay focused on achieving more intentional growth.

Hi, I'm Kimberly, your biggest cheerleader, advocate, and supporter on this journey.

I started my first business 7 years ago when I propelled myself into the entrepreneurial world with a copywriting agency. Since then, I've worked with over a hundred entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes helping create better experiences between people in all roles.

I also go by the name "mom." With a 2 and 4-year old at home, I'm no stranger to wild and crazy seasons of life. The sleepless nights, unpredictable routines, and constant interruptions (even when you have childcare) make it mission-critical to run a more focus-driven business.

Along my entrepreneurial journey, I've learned a thing or two about productivity, growth, and building incredible experiences that make people want to come back time and again. Now, I want to help you do the same with this signature online business building course — The Focus-Driven Biz.


Which Path Will You Take to Building Your Business Online?

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What's Waiting for You Inside

  • A printable workbook filled with actionable steps you can take to discover your purpose, understand your people, and find products or services to align with their needs.
  • Video training where I walk you through each of the 5 modules within the workbook, serving as your guide and showing up to answer any questions you'll have along the way.
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs walking the same journey as you who are eager to support you with feedback, ideas, and motivation.
  • Instant access to Content Confetti with 52-weeks of content prompts and multipliers to build your business
  • A website building checklist so you know exactly how to build out those pages and make a bigger impact online
  • A customer journey map that incorporates the analytics you already have in your business to help frame future decisions and quickly fix friction points
  • Copywriting templates so you can plug-and-play your way to success without the overwhelm of a blank page and blinking cursor
  • Lifetime access to the content and all future bonuses

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