copywriter testimonial“Working with Kimberly is always a pleasure. She definitely has a way with words and her bright spirit comes through in her writing. But what I like best is that she is able to take my label speak which can often be dry, detailed, and sometimes complex content (think textbook) and make it engaging by adding clarity and conciseness in plain, everyday English. She even adds a story here and there to make the point stick! I like to say that I can give Kimberly my topic and explanations of the key content and she works her magic and makes it pretty!

Kimberly is a great listener, is open to making adjustments (which there are few), is an Uber professional with quick turnarounds on my work, and on my invoices (which I do actually appreciate). She runs a business and not a hobby. I appreciate that I can count on her. I would love to keep her as my best-kept secret, but I guess I have to share. :-)” ~ Rosalyn Stewart, The Label Link

Hannah McNaughton“If you want exceptional content—and would like your experience to be a pleasant one—Kimberly is the right person for the job. I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly for about 4 years; throughout that time, she proved to be a tremendous asset to our content team. She is extremely self-sufficient, and does not require a great deal of supervision or direction. She asks for clarification when needed, but takes initiative to figure things out on her own. When managing any team or project, this skill cannot be overlooked. She is also more dependable than anyone I’ve ever worked with. When she agrees to a deadline, she will meet it. I never once had to wonder whether the copy she agreed to write would be in on time. I knew I could always depend on her to not only meet deadlines, but to also provide insightful, organized, original content. Her upbeat personality and willingness to go the extra mile (and sometimes more!) further enhance her impressive skill set. She is truly an asset to any team.” – Hannah McNaughton

harrington technologies“Kimberly did a fantastic job writing the copy for Harrington Technologies’ new website. She captured who we are as a company and the products and services we offer. Kimberly continues to write a blog each month for us to help our SEO. She is always bringing new ideas and ways to make us more visible on Google and Facebook. Harrington Technologies’ hosting and email services combined with Kimberly’s marketing expertise has given our clients the best possible solutions. Thanks, Kimberly for all you do for our business as well as our clients.” – Michelle and Rob Harrington, Owners/Operators of Harrington Technologies

jayme kahle“Kimberly was instrumental in assisting us in developing an educational campaign for fire district annexation. She helped us develop the big reasons why someone should annex into the Rincon Valley Fire District. Furthermore, she was able to develop a message that developed a sense of urgency but without it scaring people.” – Jayme Kahle, Fire Chief of Rincon Valley Fire District

Liz Dyrsmid“Kimberly has always been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is easy to work with, communicative, and always delivered on time. Her work is top-notch, too, and in the rare cases we ever wanted any writing revised – probably based on us not being clear enough the first time around – the second version was stellar. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for copywriting services.” ~ Liz Dyrsmid,

rita ranch automotive and tire“Kimberly Crossland has been an amazing person to work with! She has helped my business go viral and has made a huge difference in our work load. I am so happy to have her by my side for any of my website needs! She is very quick to get the work completed and a very easy person to work with. I will recommend her to everyone that I know that needs any kind of website work!” -Terry Newman, Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire 

“As someone who had never worked with a copywriter before, I was thankful for the detailed and experienced guidance that we received from Kimberly. She has been dedicated, reliable, and creative in developing the content for our Law Firm’s website and has ensured that the process has gone smoothly with brilliant results!” ~ Hutcherson Law

“Kimberly Crossland has been a significant asset in marketing my business (Rita Ranch Storage Car & Dog Wash). Kimberly has tremendous skills as a social media specialist, blog and content writer, SEO specialist which was very important in helping building my new web site ( Kimberly feels comfortable wearing many hats, truly loves what she does and therefore gets good results. Most importantly Kimberly has an engaging personality and is easy for both myself and staff to work with. All you have to do is call or email Her with a question and you get a quick response. Kimberly genuinely cares about doing a great job and the success of my business. It is extremely hard to find a reputable business that doesn’t run you around in circles with techno jargon, make lofty promises they don’t stand behind and when the results aren’t what they promised are full of meaningless excuses. If you’re in need of a professional with great social media skills, someone you can sit down and talk with face to face rather than an account rep in a different time zone or continent then you should make it a point to contact Kimberly Crossland.” – Mike Adams, Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash

“Kimberly helps me with blog content for clients. I can always rely on her being responsive and meeting or beating deadlines. She’s great at digging into an industry and really owning it, which makes for excellent content.” – Susan, Payton, Egg Marketing

“I truly enjoy working with Kimberly. She always delivers content as promised and without error. She is a clever writer that hits her deadlines. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs the services she offers.” – Patrick McGrath, McGrath Insurance Group

“The launch of our new website and service was much easier with Kimberly on board. She took the time to get to know our product in detail, and then went to work creating the copy and content we needed to help make our service a success. She is quick to respond, thorough in her work and delivers an outstanding product! Kimberly is a dedicated professional and we are thrilled to have her on our team.” – Jeff Hastings, President,

“We’ve been really happy with Kimberly’s work! She’s dedicated to taking the time to get to know our brand and customers needs, and she openly serves her customers from the heart. Any entrepreneur launching an online product can truly benefit from her experience and expertise.” – Steve Bernat, RallyUp

“We’ve loved working with Kimberly to expand our social media presence. Her flare for finding creative marketing solutions combined with her passion for healthy living made her a natural fit with our brand. We’d recommend Kimberly to any small business looking to expand their presence online.” – Ron Slavick, AMRAP Nutrition

“Working with Kimberly has really opened my eyes to how people view me and my online business. I felt like I was lost in a sea of online marketing and social media and I wasn’t sure which direction to take to increase traffic. Now I am confident that when a potential client visits my webpage, they will be more likely to engage because I have worthy content that entertains them! I’m really glad I chose The Savvy Copywriter to help grow my business.” Carrie Kube, Entrepreneur, Peace Out of Chaos

“I have been using the services of The Savvy Copywriter for almost a year now. My nickname for Kimberly is ‘Speedy’ because she gets to work straight away. She is very good at asking questions if my instructions are not clear. I find zero resistance to any of my demands, which is very important for me – as a content manager – juggling multiple assignments simultaneously. I would not hesitate to recommend her Savvy services anywhere.” – Theo Tsihitas, Skyrocket SEO

“After meeting Kimberly at our local Chamber of Commerce event, I reached out to her for help updating my website. I appreciated the time Kimberly took to meet with me and get to know my business and my goals. She went the extra mile to put together a plan to optimize my site and make it easier for my customers to find me. Once the project got rolling, everything was delivered on time. She was a tremendous help!” – Dave Cody, Pop’s Lock & Key

“Kimberly is a pleasure to work with. She requires very little direction to deliver projects on time with high quality. This smart and savvy girl is very competent, and if we are ever in the same town, she is someone I’d love to go to coffee with.” – Alison Quine, Project Manager, Marketing Firm

“Super easy to work with, reliable, and gets things done.” – Kareem Mayan, Social WOD

“Working with Kimberly as been a great experience. She efficient, reliable, honest about her experience and meets her deadlines. She’s willing to go the extra mile to make the clients happy. I hope to work with her again soon.” – Andi, Project Manager, Media Firm