If you’re reading this, you have a mom who carried you, birthed you and raised you. From the moment she saw the second little blue line appear on that stick, her mind started racing about what you’d be like and the person you would become.

The one thing she wanted for you more than anything  was for you to be happy being uniquely you.

You might have this down pat in your personal life. Chat over a chai latte with a life long friend and you don’t hold your personality back.

But put you in front of a keyboard with the task of telling the world why they should listen to you and everything changes.

You tense up. When trying to promote your business and yourself you end up sounding more like a cheap appliance salesman than yourself. It’s a voice your best friend wouldn’t recognize – or your mama.

One of the hardest, yet most important parts, of any content marketing plan is YOU.

Unmistakeable you.

Your reader wants to hear from the real you; not a suit and tie version of yourself.

Your customer wants to work with you; not a blur of a company never knowing who he will talk to when he calls.

Your audience, your tribe, your niche wants to get to know you.

Make your mama proud and show off the person she raised by infusing more of you into your content marketing strategy. Here’s how:

  1. Take a topic in your industry that gets you fired up.
  2. Grab a glass of Merlot (optional).
  3. Sit in front of a blank screen and write “dear mom,”
  4. Then, tell her why you’re so fired up about the topic at hand. Tell her, your biggest fan, what you think. Describe why it gets you so excited. Spill your heart and your brains.
  5. Then, walk away.
  6. Come back in a half an hour and edit your letter into an article. But while editing, leave your voice. Leave in your quirks. Leave in YOU.

What you’re left with is your voice. It’s your uniqueness in a world filled with way too many “me toos.” Your topic might not be 100% original but your voice, interpretation and ideas are.

But what happens when you have more than one person representing your business?

Easy. You add in multiple voices.

It’s a noisy world. People are bombarded with content from companies. To get your voice heard you need to have at least one voice. Give flexibility to your team to share their personality with the world and your brand will instantly become more interesting.

Own your voice.

Your readers will thank you and you’ll be giving your mom a huge gift…

…Sharing the person she raised with the world.

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  • Martin Lindeskog

    Cheers! (“Grab a glass of Merlot (optional).”)

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