For as long as I remember, written words have played a big part in my life.

As a teen, I kept a diary (and God help me if that’s ever found!). As a college student, I tinkered with the verbiage in my status updates on social media (confession time: I still do this). While I lived in Denmark for a 4-year stint after graduation, I relied more on written words than spoken to maintain a close relationship with my family (Skype and video chat wasn’t used as much back then).

Now, I have built a business around writing words that create action – and today it’s your turn to get in on the fun!

The Three Words Concept

The Three Words concept is not my own. It’s one that I learned from Chris Brogan.

Here’s how it works.

Choose three words to serve as your foundation throughout the year. These three words will become your beacon for success. They will guide your decisions, focus your business and life for the next twelve months, and keep you in check when you start to veer off course.

CHOOSE ONLY 3 WORDS! Having too many words could cloud your vision, muddy the waters and slow your success. Don’t believe me? Click that link above and check out what happened to Chris Brogan in 2007. Keep it concise.

The words themselves don’t have to be complex either. You can choose nouns, verbs, or adjectives. The only thing that matters is that they have meaning for you.

Last year, my 3 words were Service, Community, and Magnet.

I chose service because I want to offer exceptional service to the people who entrust me with their business’s success. It’s personal to them, so it’s personal to me. Without a healthy amount of customer service, it is impossible for me to provide something exceptional.

I chose community because I want to create a close connection with folks in my small town of Vail and in my small corner on the web. The people I mingle with on a daily basis both online and offline mean the world to me.

I chose magnet because of the ebook I launched in the start of this year. It offers 6 fundamental elements to copywriting that will turn any drab, boring website into a MAGNET for highly qualified leads. These principles aren’t always easy to implement but they’re crucial for any website or marketing plan’s success. Keeping them at the forefront of everything I do helps me magnetize my customer’s websites and keep their businesses energized with new customers, leads, and prospects.

How’d I do with each of these?

There were successes and there are places where I can improve.

On the service side of things: I tried creating a system for my customers and it didn’t always work. Businesses aren’t one-size fits all. So, I started using a project management tool (Basecamp for those of you looking for one in your business) but I found that most of my customers didn’t really want to start using it. Fair enough. I’m still working on how I can continue to improve my service levels in 2015 to keep things streamlined and on track.

On the community side of things: I have made a much stronger name for myself in the Vail community. In this community, things haven’t been as strong. I haven’t been able to write content to help YOUR business as much as I’d like. That will change in 2015, I promise.

On the magnet side of things: I continue to use each of these core principles in every bit of sales copy I write, so I’d say I get an A+ there. Where I can improve is by spreading the word about this concept to more people and refining it a little bit more. I have talks scheduled and plan to re-release a new version of the ebook in the first quarter of the year.

Now it’s your turn!

As we close out the year I’ll continue to hone in on the three words to focus my business in the New Year. Will you do the same?

When you have your 3 words, share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, or by just hitting reply to this email. I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with and what’s in store for your business over the next 12 months.

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