On Taking Action
taking action

I had something completely different scheduled for this week but 2020 has clearly shown us that we need to change how we interact with each other. This week (and well beyond), I’m choosing to silence the regularly scheduled broadcast to embrace a more colorful world. For businesses, we have a prime opportunity to amplify the […]

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The Power of Grit: Content Marketing Ideas to Keep You Showing Up Consistently
content marketing ideas

If you’re looking for content marketing ideas, look no further than…grit. Stick with me here because even though those two concepts seem unrelated, there’s a direct correlation that can multiply your online marketing efforts without costing you extraordinary amounts of time. Before we get into the specific ideas, let’s talk about grit and how it […]

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The Comparison Game in Business: When It’s Toxic and When It’s Helpful
comparison game in business

Can the comparison game in business be both toxic and helpful? Why sure, but (like all great things), it depends on how you’re framing the question in your mind and the lens you’re using to view your competition. Allow me a few minutes to explain (it’s worth the read to save you another night of […]

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Why Getting Found on Facebook is So Hard for Small Businesses

Which came first? The Facebook post or the like/share/comment? Sounds like a trick question, but that’s because Facebook has tricked us small business owners into a philosophical approach to how we target our buyers on their platform. Sure, you have to post in order to get any kind of engagement, but if you don’t get […]

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Biggest Takeaways From the 2016 Digital Commerce Summit

Last week, I piled 4 suitcases, a jogging stroller, an Orca cooler, myself, my husband, and my 6-month old into our white Rav-4 and made the 12.5 hour trip up to Denver, Colorado for the 2016 Digital Marketing Summit (plus a visit with some family along the way). The drive was long but the experience […]

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2016 Marketing Predictions for Small Businesses

On the 12th and final day of this Christmas series, I’m giving you my marketing predictions for 2016. Some are surprising; others are not. Predictions in themselves are a mixed bag. Some predictions come true, such as when experts said content marketing would take over the marketing world. Others do not, such as the importance of […]

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