On Taking Action
taking action

I had something completely different scheduled for this week but 2020 has clearly shown us that we need to change how we interact with each other. This week (and well beyond), I’m choosing to silence the regularly scheduled broadcast to embrace a more colorful world. For businesses, we have a prime opportunity to amplify the […]

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Inside the Life of a Work-From-Home Mom

Today, I’m a proud work-from-home mom with one mission: To stay sane. Laugh all you want (and you should laugh at that) but here’s the truth. My sanity means my children are happier because I’m happier. My sanity means I’m able to grow a business that puts formula in my baby’s mouth and food on […]

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Life Today: Relaunching a Blog

Friends. We’re in the last quarter of the year and it’s right about now that you’re probably starting to look back on what happened in 2018 while strategizing for 2019. And, in doing so, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably already saying, “phew, I’ve been busy!” It’s been five solid months since I published […]

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