On Taking Action
taking action

I had something completely different scheduled for this week but 2020 has clearly shown us that we need to change how we interact with each other. This week (and well beyond), I’m choosing to silence the regularly scheduled broadcast to embrace a more colorful world. For businesses, we have a prime opportunity to amplify the […]

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Feeling Overwhelmed and Know You Need a Framework for Your Startup? I’ve Got a Response For You…
framework for your startup

Before this chaos began, I’d started creating the outline for The Focus-Driven Biz, and yet, it feels even more important now. Not because quarantine has turned our lives upside down, but because anything could turn our lives and our business upside down at any given moment, and as entrepreneurs, we want to be prepared. Business […]

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Business-Building Strategies and Tactics for the New Normal
business-building strategies

Even before this whole mess began, The Focus-Driven Biz workbook and workshop was in the works. The goal: To give you the business-building strategies and tactics needed to gain focus. And now more than ever, that focus is as critical as the toilet paper, pasta, and canned goods that are flying off the shelf. (I’m […]

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Marketing Your Business During a Pandemic Requires Texture
marketing during a pandemic

​​Business is a little harder than usual these days. ​​(Obvious statement of 2020 but stick with me here). If you’re working remotely with a spouse that’s showing a totally different side of himself on conference calls (read: you’ve just realized you’re married to the small talk KING) or kids who love to shove goldfish in your […]

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Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?
decision fatigue

Want to meet someone who knows about decision fatigue? Check out this woman, whose story I read a few years ago. She chose to wear the same outfit for 365 days straight. That’s right. For one year she made the conscious choice to eliminate one decision from her day by deciding in advance what to […]

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Life Today: Relaunching a Blog

Friends. We’re in the last quarter of the year and it’s right about now that you’re probably starting to look back on what happened in 2018 while strategizing for 2019. And, in doing so, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably already saying, “phew, I’ve been busy!” It’s been five solid months since I published […]

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