How to Find Where Your Buyers are Hanging Out Online
Finding buyers online

There’s something so empowering about finding where your buyers are hanging out online and gaining clarity in your business. You stop wasting time guessing what people want, leaving you more time to create and sell what your audience craves You save yourself the heartache and mental bandwidth wondering why things didn’t go as planned, and […]

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That Awkward Moment When You’re Not Sure How to Talk to Your Ideal Customer
talk to your ideal client

As a super savvy business owner, you’ve heard the advice: To manifest sales you’ve gotta talk to your ideal customer over and over again. That’s great and all, but how? That’s where things get sticky. Instead of sounding like a smooth talking, ultra-confident sales powerhouse who KNOWS HER STUFF, you’re left fumbling around with a […]

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The Power of Grit: Content Marketing Ideas to Keep You Showing Up Consistently
content marketing ideas

If you’re looking for content marketing ideas, look no further than…grit. Stick with me here because even though those two concepts seem unrelated, there’s a direct correlation that can multiply your online marketing efforts without costing you extraordinary amounts of time. Before we get into the specific ideas, let’s talk about grit and how it […]

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The Comparison Game in Business: When It’s Toxic and When It’s Helpful
comparison game in business

Can the comparison game in business be both toxic and helpful? Why sure, but (like all great things), it depends on how you’re framing the question in your mind and the lens you’re using to view your competition. Allow me a few minutes to explain (it’s worth the read to save you another night of […]

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