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I’m Kimberly Crossland – founder, owner, and operator of Savvy Copywriters (previously The Savvy Copywriter), a communications and digital marketing agency based in Tucson, Arizona. (Other titles include Mom to a beautiful boy, and wife to an inspirational husband).

At Savvy Copywriters, we thrive on giving small businesses the guts they need to sell using insightful, personality-driven content. This takes the form of regular blogging, optimizing websites to appear high in search results, crafting compelling sales copy, strategizing new marketing funnels, and so much more.

Truth be told, I hate the term “content.” I also cringe whenever I tell someone I offer “content marketing” services, even though that’s precisely what my firm delivers. The reason why is subtle, but powerful – and it’s what separates us from other marketing agencies around the country.

Content marketing and sales copywriting are done with the intent to sell. Although sales are the lifeblood of any business (and what has enabled me to build this agency from the ground up), they aren’t everything. Words on a screen don’t elevate brands. Thought leadership does.

The purpose of the work done at Savvy Copywriters is to contribute to a greater conversation.

This, I’ve discovered, is more difficult than it seems. It’s immensely challenging to push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and take risks. It’s also a tremendous privilege that we as professionals have. Ignore the opportunity that the digital age and free speech have provided us and we’re not only doing our businesses a disservice – we’re not doing what our customers demand of us, which is to stand witness to the things we believe in.

The communications we craft tell a compelling story. It’s purposeful. It’s passionate. And yes, ultimately it’s persuasive.

Content marketing on the surface is superficial. It’s done with an intent to look good. That’s why most small businesses shy away from social media, blogging, and even website creation.

This shyness and fear of using the today’s most powerful communications tools is what drove me to start Savvy Copywriters five years ago. But my story in marketing begins long before that.

After graduating from the University of Arizona Eller College of Management with a degree in Marketing and an International Business Certificate, I started my career in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, I was recruited by a software startup to work in partnership with the owner (a successful Danish entrepreneur with many businesses under his belt) to implement new digital marketing strategies. I learned a lot while at the company and together we grew the business from 1 million users to over 5 million users in two years.

After freezing for about four years in Denmark, I returned to my hometown of Tucson, Arizona, where I began working as a digital marketer for a local technology startup. When the startup delayed the launch of their product, I was offered the opportunity to stay working without pay or to work part time from home. I chose the latter and spent the other half of my days reaching out to other businesses that needed help with their marketing communications. I saw tremendous opportunity for small businesses to amplify their voices amongst big brands, yet many of them weren’t sure where to start, how to use this technology, or (in some cases) that it was available to them.

At 28 years old, with a budget of $100, I founded Savvy Copywriters. I used my mustard seed sized budget to buy a domain name and hosting and then taught myself HTML to design my first website. With my website looking good enough to launch, I started doing the thing I was most passionate about – writing.

I crafted my sales pages, deployed a search engine optimization strategy, and set up my social media profiles so I could share my content.

The business took off. Clients were able to see that my strategies were proven because I was offering them the same cost-effective marketing services I was using to grow my business. Since inception, Savvy Copywriters has continued to grow year over year. 

Work is done a little bit differently around here.

We place our customer as the hero of every story we tell; not our company. We listen intently to our customers, our community, and our industry. This positions us to be able to produce compelling, insightful communications that serve a purpose beyond sales. Operating under the notion of always providing value first, the profits have always followed.

This people centric approach has helped us generate real-world results for both our company and our clients. Now, we’re a full content marketing and digital strategy agency that offers everything from digital courses for the DIY-driven entrepreneur to robust monthly content strategies that give small businesses a voice in the places where consumers are listening the most intently – online.   

And when I’m not hunkered down in front of my computer, you can catch me working out in my garage gym or running around Vail. My kryptonite? Tacos, wine, cheese, and chocolate.

Now it’s your turn.

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