kimberly crossland

In 2012, I found myself sitting at my kitchen table wondering what the heck I was going to do. I'd just been laid off and felt something amazing — my not-so-subtle shove into starting my own business.

Equipped with a passion for copywriting and a strong background in corporate marketing, I started my journey as a freelance copywriter.

Several years later, after dozens of requests from clients to do more than "just" copywriting, I moved into agency mode, creating Savvy Copywriters, a marketing agency designed to serve clients in a variety of aspects of online marketing.

Shortly after, I had my two boys. My life, along with my business, continued to evolve. Today, I run The Focus-Driven Biz where I continue to take on a select amount of copywriting projects, collaborate with amazing designers, social media marketers, and more, and teach.

I’m Kimberly Crossland - founder, owner, and operator of The Focus-Driven Biz (a branch of Savvy Copywriters) where I thrive on giving time-strapped entrepreneurs the guts they need to grow a business from their own home office. 

The Focus-Driven Biz is here to contribute to a greater movement — the movement that's giving parents the ability to pursue and profit from a passion without losing precious time with their family.

It’s immensely challenging to push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and take risks. It’s also a tremendous privilege that we as professionals have. If we ignore the opportunities at our fingertips to work in a way that serves our family and the world simultaneously, we’re not only doing ourselves a disservice — we’re also not doing what the world needs of us right now — to stand witness to the values we believe in.

At The Focus-Driven Biz, I am showing you how to craft a compelling story rooted in purpose, passion, and ultimately, profits.

So much of marketing is superficial and ineffective because it's done at such a surface level. Too often, people market their business with an intent to look good, causing them to shy away from social media, content creation, and even just having a website.

This shyness and fear of using today’s most powerful communications tools is what drove me to start teaching other entrepreneurs how to bring their talents into the world in a way that's rooted in giving back.

So, Who Am I to be Teaching This Stuff?

I'm not just another bullshit Internet marketer. I've walked a unique path to get here.

Although I graduated from the University of Arizona, I started my career in Copenhagen, Denmark. There, I was recruited by a software startup to copywrite for the American market while implementing digital marketing strategies. I learned a lot while at the company and as a team, we grew the business from 1 million users to over 5 million users in two years.

After four years in Denmark, I returned to my hometown of Tucson, Arizona, where I began working in the corporate world. But then, at 28 years old, with a budget of $100, I founded Savvy Copywriters. I used my mustard seed-sized budget to buy a domain name and hosting and then taught myself HTML to design my first website. With my website looking good enough to launch, I started doing the thing I was most passionate about - writing.

I crafted my sales pages, deployed a search engine optimization strategy, and set up my social media profiles so I could share my content.

The business took off. The strategies I deployed for my clients were the same cost-effective marketing services I was using to grow my business while I simultaneously grew my family. I know these strategies work, which is what led me here to The Focus-Driven Biz.  

Today I'm Teaching Other Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs How to Grow a Business Around Their Family (Not the Other Way Around)

Want to be a part of it? You're invited inside with wide-open arms. Choose one of these free resources to get you started.

Free Guide: Present + Productive

Learn my strategies — including the popular Tethered-Time setup — for how to work from home, even while kids are tugging at your feet.

Free Guide: The Communication Refresh

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