If you’re in the beginning stages of your business or starting a new venture, you know you need a framework for your startup. And now more than ever that’s true because soon…

…After all the shelter-in-place orders are lifted.

…After you’ve homeschooled your kids (and vowed to never become their teacher again so help you tacos).

…After you’ve been on more Zoom calls with kids than adults.

…After you’ve gone on birthday parades and attended virtual graduation parties.

You will look around at your business and think, dang, there’s a lot to get done ’round here.

And in that moment, whether you’re sitting in your local coffee shop, back in your co-working space, or hunkered down in your home office, earbuds in, and the Brain Food playlist blaring on Spotify, you’ll be hit with one of two types of overwhelm.

  1. Total freakin’ excitement over how much pure GOLD you’re about to bring to the world through your business! Not because you’ve suddenly had an epiphany at 3 a.m. but because you did the work to plan, process, and strategize how your business is going to keep making money in the new normal — virtual or not!

  2. Total freak out mode because you have a million ideas, a million tasks on your to-do list, and total uncertainty about where to start, what needs to be done, or how you’ll reach the people who need you the most. And you’ll ask yourself, WTF am I even doing? A question that’ll quickly be followed by the guzzling of coffee, only to switch to guzzling down wine in the afternoon because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Before this chaos began, I’d started creating the outline for The Focus-Driven Biz, and yet, it feels even more important now. Not because quarantine has turned our lives upside down, but because anything could turn our lives and our business upside down at any given moment, and as entrepreneurs, we want to be prepared.

Business growth.

Selling your thing.

Launching something new.

These terms float around our heads like dreamy little word bubbles you can reach up, grab, and poof make happen. But the truth is, they take work — and a lot of it. That work can feel insanely fun — fun enough to get you out of bed each morning at 4 a.m. to get cracking before the kids wake up. Or it can feel insanely scary — scary enough to leave you that second type of overwhelmed where you’re scattered, confused, and downright anxious at how your world will look going into 2021.

The Focus-Driven Biz is your invitation to a healthy type of overwhelm. The excited type of overwhelm. The kind that’ll leave you feeling empowered and saying, I’ve got this…

…and you’ll believe it when you do.

Will you join me in getting clarity and having some fun in a way that makes working your biz feel invigorating rather than uninspiring?

Accept the invite into The Focus-Driven Biz here.

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